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Lower back pain

Neck pain

Cervicogenic headaches


Shoulder pain

Shoulder instability

Rotator cuf injury

Frozen shoulder

Jaw pain (TMJ Dysfunction)

Degenerative disc diseases

Herniated discs

Knee pain

ACL injuries

Meniscal knee injuries

Patello-femoral pain syndrome

Total knee replacement

Hip pain

Hip impingement (Femoro-Acetabular Impingement)

Piriformis syndrome





Pre and Post surgery rehabilitation

Postural dysfunction


Sport injuries

Sprains and Strains

Tennis elbow

Golfer's elbow

Heel and Foot pain

Plantar fasciitis

Achilles tendinitis

Carpal tunel syndrome

Car accident injury

Sacroiliac joint dysfunction

Pre and post natal conditions

including lower back pain and sciatica

Sciatica, Scoliosis

Stroke, Parkinson disease

And many more…

Here at Physio M, we can treat any condition you have.
We offer consultation and are able to provide you with full recovery, enhancing the quality of your life.
Not sure how we can help you? Ask us, there is no answer we can't provide!