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One of the most popular therapeutic activities which increases muscle strength, builds endurance, increases flexibility, helps relieve stress or decrease anxiety and reduce blood pressure. Working out in the water helps balance out muscle groups that may have become uneven through repetitive actions.

How it works?

Working out in water provides equal resistance through your full range of motion – the water acts as a form of built-in resistance. This makes it simple to increase the intensity of the workout and challenge muscles that are harder to engage on land. This exercise program is also beneficial for internal organs and lymphatic system and is highly recommended in rehabilitation process for the post-op treatments, but also during pregnancy or fighting obesity.

Aqua training is also valuable to our joints, since exercising in the water reduces the gravity force on our body and provides the feeling of lightness. However, it should be accompanied with some type of a land-based workout, as the weight-bearing exercise which puts stress on our bones helps them get stronger and denser, and is thus crucial in preventing the bone loss and osteoporosis.